About us

Who we are

  • Freebird Design & Communication Services is a boutique design company, offering a range of marketing services through an established partnership network
  • Our services are tailored to meet the needs of each client
  • Our business model is based on a centre of excellence hub to provide a full complement of marketing and communications services

How we can help

We’re here to help you focus your efforts on doing what you do best. Our goal is to help support and grow all types of businesses through:

Cost savings

Our on-demand design and communication services are less costly than employing in-house FTE, allowing you to focus your marketing dollars where they are needed the most

Time savings

We offer overflow capacity, accommodating quick turnarounds and offering workflow efficiencies without the cost of a traditional large-scale agency

Supporting business growth

We help you build your brand equity, offering professional sales support and business development tools

Behind the designs

With two decades of design, product marketing and brand experience, Kelly understands how to bring a brand to life. Kelly is unique in the way she brings both a strategic mindset and an eye for detail to everything she does. Kelly’s skills include creative design, digital and print media marketing, marketing strategy, and communications.

Kelly’s philosophy: a brand is only as strong as the way it is used. A beautiful brand that is not deployed in a functional way won’t be used well, and that can undermine the integrity of the brand.  

“A brand must have both an engaging form and functional application. Each has its place and purpose: the form is in the beauty of the logo, the look and the feel of the piece, while the function of a brand piece determines how it is perceived by the end user, the consumer, the client. My strength is in taking the brand from its beautiful starting point, and deploying it through practical methods to the end user.”

Kelly Inkster